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personal trainer albury

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Albury?

Personal Training Albury

Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning’s Personal Training strives to help you achieve maximum results and ensure that YOU will reach YOUR short and long term goals.

Our one-on-one personal fitness training is perfect for those who wish to train alone and receive their trainer’s absolute focus and attention (as opposed to our group training). Before you begin your new exercise regime, a free initial consultation is set-up with Kade to identify YOUR goals and establish a program that will enable YOU to reach the results we are after.

Check out Kade doing a 1 on 1 Personal Training Session.

Personal Training OptionsPriceSession Details
1 on 1 Boxing$50 Per hourThese sessions are fully designed by Kade and will have you going highly anaerobic, depending on needs generally majority of session will be spent in the ring with Kade on the focus mitts/Elbow Pads/Shileds etc.

If you need help with technique this is a great option or alternatively if you need deep conditioning this will take you to another level.

Personal Training$45 per session (minimum of 2 sessions per week)Here you will be working with Kade on a systematic training plan to fit your goals, there will be ring-work/Strength and conditioning and cardiovascular training. As an added bonus with this module you will receive a body scan every 6 weeks to track progress.
Small Group BookingMinimum of 2 people, maximum of 8
2=$50 per hour
4=$60 per hour
6=$70 per hour
8=$80 per hour
Generally these sessions have a purpose from the client, it could be technique or perhaps you prefer to work specifically with a smaller group. Whatever it is we will adapt to suit.
Large Group or Sports Team BookingOver 8 people $10 per headLarge groups are Adrenalines specialty and we can comfortably cater for 50 people at once. Once again theses sessions are dependent on the organiser or coaches needs, we will work closely to ensure the session is fit the groups needs.
School or Under 18 Groups$5 per headWe also do school groups regularly, we can help schools in all areas whether it be sport specific/physical education or alternatively something different.

On-line Booking Portal

Below is the booking portal for our services and a brief over-view of services offered, please note if you have a specific time-frame in mind and it is coming up as unavailable drop us an email requesting availability. Details of all sessions available below and the portal for booking is also below for your convenience.

If for some reason you are wanting a slot not available please contact Kade on 0414 895 053 to check availability.