We want to share with you a little piece about our Enduro’s and what to expect. There have been a number of questions about the content and people worried about making it, knowing what a typical 1 hour session is like at Adrenaline this is something I’d expect people are worried about.

At Adrenaline our concept and model has been built by the 4 walls in which we train in and the people who surround us, we never forget this and also the need to ensure we train for all levels. So whilst yes the content will be challenging the level at which you train throughout this will be dictated by you. We understand that not everyone can run like the wind and punch like Pac-Man however we hope that one day you can do both, fitness is a journey and never ending search for improvement. Make this your challenge and we guarantee you will feel supported for 3 solid hours.

For now take a look at some of the previous enduro’s and moments @ Adrenaline…..Get excited.