So our 4th Enduro has been run and done, we had an excellent turn-out on a rare sunny day. We covered a lot of ground during the 3 hours and we had a number of success stories. As I mentioned this was our 4th attempt at the format having previously ran our Six Hour and another 2 x 3 Hour Enduro’s.

We have been asked if we are running another prior to the end of the year, the answer is kind of…Our next event will double as the Xmas party we won’t be classifying it as an Enduro and we will also be reducing it to 2 hours.

How about next year (2017) what is the plan?

March – 6 Hour Enduro
April – 3 Hour Enduro
June – 3 Hour Enduro
October – 3 Hour Enduro

These events will be planned nice and early and added to our Facebook Event pages. I’d love to do one every weekend however we want to stick to the quality versus quantity mindset.

Last piece below is a review kindly provided by Chrissy Schulz for last weekend’s 3 Hour:

On the weekend just gone my daughters and I completed the 3 hour Enduro ran by Kade and Kirby, in the three hours we did a fantastic mix of circuit work, hill running and boxing. We had a great combination of exercises all designed to push you as well as work at your own pace.

The feeling and encouragement within the group was fun, supportive and so encouraging. These Enduros are such a great tool to take your fitness to the next level and challenge yourself to work harder! I love the feeling of accomplishing something that you thought you couldn’t.

Well done Adrenaline on planning a challenging and fun event….I will definitely be doing the next one!

Chrissy, Georgie and Ally Schulz