Hello all,
I’m VERY glad a taste of spring is coming for our Enduro next week. Numbers are looking great and love the mix starting to develop within the group already.

Couple of bits for next weekend:

1. Do NOT park out on street on the day you will get a ticket guaranteed. I’d suggest parking in the SS&A all day parking next door if our car park is full. Please respect the other businesses in our complex as well by not parking in their spaces.
2. Please arrive 20 mins early to ensure you are warm, Kirby and I will open at 7am.
3. At 7.30am sharp we will be leaving the gym, that means the door will be locked at that time.
4. We will have an A & B group, this will be sorted prior to leaving. This group letter will be your group for the first 90 minutes.
5. The first 90 minutes will be spent outside, there will be a short transition on foot to our first station. Group will stay together. Please bring comfortable running shoes for the first 90 minutes. Water can be carried there will be sit down areas.
6. After our 2 stations outside the next 90 minutes will be spent in gym.

I know a lot of people are worried about the amount of running, the way we design these is that no one gets left behind. You simply do what you can. Running is only 1 component of what is planned on the day. We got a hell of a lot more in store!

In terms of partners the first 90 won’t need any. The next 90 you will need a partner, however this will not be a problem as if we have uneven numbers you will get a trainer for the 90 minutes.

So that’s about we are super pumped to rip this up!!!