Just over 12 months ago we made the decision to expand Adrenaline. Looking back, the visit down-stairs to first view the location was coincidence. It had been available for a while and noticed the Agent inside one late evening so took the chance to see what was underneath us.

The minute we walked in we knew this was the next step and also clearly saw the vision. It might surprise a few to hear that Adrenaline is not yet where we want it to be, over the past 12 months flow has become clunky and at times messy.

Our next significant change to address this will be ‘Adrenaline Zones’ and it will finally see the initial vision come to reality. 3 distinct Zones:

  • Adrenaline Conditioning
  • Adrenaline Strength
  • Adrenaline Boxing

These areas will be built specific for our purpose and I can guarantee it will not look or feel at all like a Chain Gym. Our equipment upgrades are on the way: Keiser & Rogue being 2 new major gear providers coming into Adrenaline.

We will be rolling out more initiative for our Unlimited Pass Holders, our passes are valued at $120 per month with no lock-in. These passes give you unlimited access to all classes (excluding Spin) plus gym access during business hours. Whilst we have had great uptake on the Unlimited Passes the one thing we want to see more of is people in the gym working out on their own terms.

With this in-mind we will be initiating a Daily 30-45 Minute work-out to complete in either Conditioning or Strength. This will change daily via the coaches programming and as always at Adrenaline you will never know what your going to walk into.

Our Strength Area will be moved to our back room on Ground Floor, this offers a huge space and finally the opportunity to fully embed a Strength only class structure based off boxing as our methodology. These classes will be booking only and limited numbers per session and the fantastic news is that these classes will not cost a single dollar more than our usual structure.

On the subject of price, we still offer only 3 type of pricing and once again we stay true to our values of not artificially increasing price:

Casual @ $10

10 Visit @ $80

Unlimited Monthly @ $120

These changes will now under-pin a new time-table which will once again increase our classes with the addition of strength. We expect the new time-table to be live Monday June 10th.

More classes, More variety and more value and we aren’t finished yet!