This is the most common question we get and is a road-blocker to some actually coming through the door, which is a real shame.

At Adrenaline we realise and understand this can be very daunting stepping in without support into an unfamiliar environment. Before each class we ask if anyone needs a partner and 9 times out of 10 you will be paired up. If on the rare occasion it doesn’t work out we always sort you out and you can be guaranteed a solid work-out.

We don’t see it as a nuisance turning up by yourself and in-fact it’s actually one of the cool things which our community is all about. There have been many friendships made by people coming in and being paired up.

Lastly if all of the above hasn’t put your nerves at rest the best classes to attend are the PASS or Heavy Bag sessions as these classes require no partner at all.