We always recommend getting your own boxing gloves and wraps if you start coming regularly. Boxing in terms of equipment is reasonably well priced and we sell good quality gloves for $55 at the gym in various sizes, wraps also for $10 (checkout our BLOG on how to wrap your hands).

With that said though we continually invest in gloves and pads for general use, we understand that we are offering a service and these are totally free to use. We do ask that you help us maintain hygiene by wearing wraps and if you notice damage to any of our stock please let us know so we can remove them from circulation.

Lastly remember to bring some water and a towel, boxing can at times by highly anaerobic in it’s nature and as such you will be working a good sweat up within 5-10 mins of a class commencing. Over the course of a session your hydration levels can really suffer and it’s important to keep on top of this, particularly if you under-hydrated throughout the day.