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Our pricing is designed to be transparent and absolutely no lock-in’s, we offer flexible access to the facility all detailed below. We won’t ask you to sign a contract or a minimum term instead we offer a simple pay as you go method, all pricing options can be purchased on-line via APP Store (Adrenaline Boxing) or In-house at Adrenaline (Cash or EFTPOS welcome).

*Concession passes (10 Visit/Unlimited & Platinum) are available within the Adrenaline APP as well.

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Below are some of the questions we are asked regularly at Adrenaline. Hopefully it helps, if not please feel free to contact below via the form or call.

Where does Mat @ Adrenaline fit into membership structure?2021-06-10T07:26:47+00:00

The benefits of Pilates are huge, we love the non-impact nature of these sessions and we wanted to add Mat @ Adrenaline to enable as many of our people access to it at a lower cost, as such it is considered a (Group style class) and which allows 10 passes, monthly, unlimited and normal casual admission pricing.

Which classes need a booking?2020-05-24T02:12:56+00:00

Due to recent COVID-19 restrictions ALL Adrenaline classes now require a booking to enable our staff to adequately control spacing & hygiene requirements


I wish to box competively, do you offer this?2019-10-16T23:31:15+00:00

Yes we do, Kade is an accredited Level 2 Boxing Australia Coach and also NSW Combat Sports Trainer. Adrenaline is a registered facility under Boxing NSW (Boxing Australia).

We do not however accept walk-in’s you must train with us for a period of time to ensure that both parties are the right fit for each other.

Can I now book my sporting team in even if a class is on?2017-12-31T07:23:52+00:00

Yes, due to the nature and sheer size of our facility we wanted to ensure during design that 2 classes could work simultaneously. This now means we have slots from Monday-Saturday for any sporting team or small group.

Is there a kids area?2021-06-10T07:30:19+00:00

Due to COVID Restrictions we have closed the kids area, we do have children attend the gym whilst parents are completing a session. We use the middle room (Alby’s Room) to allow children to sit and wait, there is an expectation that children can remain unsupervised and do not move between rooms to allow for us to comply with restrictions.

Do you have showers?2020-05-24T02:11:09+00:00

Yes full toilet block facility both up and downstairs with showers in both Male & Female. Powder Room is upstairs.

What is the Difference between Unlimited Pass/10 Visit Pass and the Platinum Pass?2019-07-14T09:48:43+00:00

Unlimited pass option offers access to any time-tabled Small & Large group classes & the added benefit of access to the gym at any time during business hours (It does not include Spin or Reform).

10 visit pass is a visit based card which can be used on Small & Large group classes (it does not include Spin or Reform) &/or gym access .

Platinum Pass is Adrenalines premium monthly pass option it includes all services (including Reform & Spin) and gym access on an unlimited basis.

Is there a waiting room?2017-12-31T07:23:52+00:00

Absolutely, upon entry you will be directed to the middle waiting room where seating is available, if you prefer to warm-up dynamically this is another options in the back room along with mobility equipment which is available. Your bags will be stored in the safe storage room next to waiting room.

Do you offer personal training or 1 on 1 ring-work?2017-12-31T07:23:52+00:00

Yes to both, bookings can be made through our personal training booking portal on our webpage or through our Book Now tab on Facebook Page. If you are having difficulties getting on or finding a slot please feel free to call and discuss options.

My child wants to box can you help?2017-12-31T07:23:52+00:00

Adrenaline offers 2 options for Under 18’s:

1. Personal Training – For Under 18’s this is a 45 Minute session working on boxing skill/technique and discipline.


2. Adrenaline Kids Class – This session (Each Wednesday @ 4.30pm) is designed to introduce kids to boxing basics. The sessions run for 45 minutes and designed to ensure maximum fun/enjoyment and also learning.

If you have questions please give Kade a call or check our the question below:

Do I need to book to attend?2019-11-03T02:10:22+00:00

The only classes which require booking are our Small Group/Reform & Spin Classes.

We have the luxury of having a very large facility capable of holding 80 people comfortably. There is no need to book for any other Large Group time-tabled class other then those mentioned above simply turn up.

Do I need to arrive early?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

We always start with a general warm-up of about 4-5 minutes, that said I always recommend getting in 10-15 minutes before to ensure your hands are wrapped and getting your body moving prior to the session commencing.

Do I need to be really fit to come in?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

Not at all however we certainly aim to improve your fitness and general health! The great thing about group training is that we have people of all types of fitness. Everyone is on a fitness journey some more advanced then others.

The intensity you will experience is the effort you are willing to put in, group environments help create an atmosphere to work harder and our atmosphere and community is something we are really proud of here at Adrenaline.

Simply put we will always create great content and provide the atmosphere, it’s up to you to work hard within your own level of fitness.

Will there be contact in a class?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

Boxing is a contact sport, at Adrenaline we DO NOT and never will allow contact in general classes on our time-table.

We do apply boxing specific drills to our program and at times that will incorporate basic defensive and offensive skill. These drills are controlled via the instructor and a great opportunity to learn a little more about the art of boxing in a safe environment.

If there is a need to go further with boxing this is best discussed directly with Kade to understand options.

Do I need to bring anything to a class?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

We always recommend getting your own boxing gloves and wraps if you start coming regularly. Boxing in terms of equipment is reasonably well priced and we sell good quality gloves for $55 at the gym in various sizes, wraps also for $10 (checkout our BLOG on how to wrap your hands).

With that said though we continually invest in gloves and pads for general use, we understand that we are offering a service and these are totally free to use. We do ask that you help us maintain hygiene by wearing wraps and if you notice damage to any of our stock please let us know so we can remove them from circulation.

Lastly remember to bring some water and a towel, boxing can at times by highly anaerobic in it’s nature and as such you will be working a good sweat up within 5-10 mins of a class commencing. Over the course of a session your hydration levels can really suffer and it’s important to keep on top of this, particularly if you under-hydrated throughout the day.

Do you offer corporate or school groups?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

Yes to both, we specialise in small/medium and large group training.

We are also fully accredited by Australian Combat & Exercise as well normal industry qualifications relating to fitness/personal training.

Your group is in safe hands at Adrenaline.

Do you offer sporting group bookings?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

We love sporting groups of any type or size, all you need to do is call Kade to discuss your needs we can tailor specific packages including hour long sessions or even full weekends! Whatever the coach needs we can cater. Let us take one thing off your shoulders.

Do you offer concession for under 18’s/students/pensioners or Defence?2020-05-24T02:14:43+00:00

Yes we certainly do, if you fit the bill to either of these your admission you will have discounted casual admission an also our pass options (10 pass/Unlimited & Platinum)

Do I need a partner?2017-12-31T07:23:53+00:00

This is the most common question we get and is a road-blocker to some actually coming through the door, which is a real shame.

At Adrenaline we realise and understand this can be very daunting stepping in without support into an unfamiliar environment. Before each class we ask if anyone needs a partner and 9 times out of 10 you will be paired up. If on the rare occasion it doesn’t work out we always sort you out and you can be guaranteed a solid work-out.

We don’t see it as a nuisance turning up by yourself and in-fact it’s actually one of the cool things which our community is all about. There have been many friendships made by people coming in and being paired up.

Lastly if all of the above hasn’t put your nerves at rest the best classes to attend are the PASS or Heavy Bag sessions as these classes require no partner at all.

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