12 Week Strength @ Adrenaline

$30024 Visits + Open Gym

Our Under 16’s Strength Program is currently taking enrollments for intake #4 for 2022. We will be conducting sessions on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons commencing at 4pm.

The program cost will include programming for all 2 days and open gym access for our juniors to complete sessions if any sessions are missed (or we have a clash in terms of days).

Our focus is to develop our Adrenaline Juniors in all aspects of their physical and mental preparations for the year ahead, our programming will be tweaked to account for the increased frequency of sessions and our on-line programming will be delivered weekly to ensure ultimate visibility on loading.

All sessions will follow the same model as previous intakes in a small group environment (max 10 kids) with hands on coaching at all times, along with program revision and structured progress check-in’s and most importantly education to ensure your child has an understanding on strength principles and mechanics following the Adrenaline model.

Our aim is simple:

To increase performance

To increase durability

Reduce injury potential

We will train our juniors using methods which will stress the body using specific prescriptions, integrated multi joint, multi planar, proprioceptively enriched movements at various loads and speeds. Our program revision and increased frequency will enable us to have a far greater focus on mechanics of movement and force generation.

Limited spots and once fully allocated no additional spots will open.

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