Mindbody 101

Here is your definitive guide-line to our business process changes coming up:

BOOKINGS – Our Booking requirements will not change, what we mean by that is only Reform/Spin & Small Group Training require booking. Our Large group training DOES NOT require booking and you can continue to come and go as you please in these classes.

MAT PILATES – You will notice a new addition to Adrenaline, Mat Pilates will be offered shortly and will fit under our normal pricing structure that means if you have a Platinum, Unlimited or 10 Visit Pass you can book a Mat. Alternatively our casual visit rates will apply to this class, we think this class will have massive benefits to our people

SIGN-IN – This will change, upon entry to Adrenaline no matter what class you are taking you MUST sign in via our Tablet on Front Desk this includes Large Group Training. If you walk through without signing in, we will ask you to come back.

PAYMENTS – We are making it easier to now pay-online through the Mind-Body App, however we still accept both cash and on-site payments via EFTPOS. No differences what so ever in terms of payment options just more flexibility with the on-line option (which will help get you out of the queue)

WAITLISTS – All Booking classes now have a waitlist, if anyone cancels in a class the next person in line will automatically fill this spot and be notified, they are now in.

CANCELLATIONS OR NO SHOW – This is a MAJOR change, over the past 18 months we have introduced more and more booking options for small group classes. Over this time we have become increasingly frustrated by cancellations sometimes within 1 hour of a class commencing, classes at Adrenaline fill quickly and by their very nature these classes are cost prohibitive for us. Cancellations where spots cannot be filled put pressure on all Membership options, we considered increases to pass options but quickly disagreed. Our solution is to make people accountable to bookings so from this point on if you cancel inside of an 12 hour window prior to class you WILL BE CHARGED $8, if you cancel outside of this time-frame there will be no charge.

We will accept as always exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis, if there is a failure to alert us prior to appointment we will charge at time of class scheduled start time.

We trust you understand why these changes are important to us and also how they will continue to ensure our membership/pass options remain unchanged.

ROLLING CHANGE – Next week commencing Monday 8th April we will transition Small Group Training (STRENGTH, VO2, VOLUME) across to Mind-Body and all details above will apply. No other classes will transition next week.

Commencing Monday 15th April all remaining classes (LARGE GROUP, REFORM, SPIN) will transition across.

EXISTING UNLIMTIED/PLATINUM PASSES – By now you should have sent the Adrenaline Page details of your pass and we would now have an on-line pass for you, if you do not please immediately message us.

EXISITING 10 VISIT PASSES – We will continue to honour all 10 Visit Passes in large group training, these however cannot be transferred to book Small group training. If you wish to book a spot in small group you will need to buy a 10 pass on-line, the manual transfer of these passes was impossible for us to complete due to complexity and volume of active passes.

PERSONAL TRAINING – All pricing options have been transferred across for PT we have a 12 hour cancellation window as well (once again our time is valuable). All schedules are now live and available for booking. Sessions can be paid for on-line or at Adrenaline in person.

We expect teething issues as we transition across, there have been countless questions we have asked ourselves internally. We also realised now we have set the system up how complex Adrenaline has become, it’s been great for us to pick it to pieces and make the system user friendly and we have no doubt this change is going to make Adrenaline even better!

If you have not registered with our Mind-body account yet please input information below to do so

The Adrenaline Team.