Our small group classes @ Adrenaline are specifically designed to add the finishing touches to a boxers overall strength & conditioning needs, each class is considered ‘foundational’ to overall increases in health & fitness. We firmly believe the unique physical characteristics of a boxer translates into a number of other sports but also importantly general day to day life.

These classes are booking only and can be booked below via the MINDBODY portal

Our VO2 Sessions are designed to work on 3 specific Energy Systems with the aim of the sessions to improve upon an individuals cardiovascular fitness. All sessions are based off the requirements of a boxers routine energy needs. Small group and intense.

Specifically designed to compliment our boxing program. With a focus on mobilisation prior to the working sets, our intent and focus area is force development (specific to boxing). With this in mind expect a mixture of explosive lifting, low weights and high repetition.

Volume @ Adrenaline is designed with boxing as it's specificity. We aim to increase an individual's overall work-load progressively in these sessions. Key focus areas are muscular endurance and aerobic capacity, ultimately the aim of Volume is to develop a higher relative training intensity and thus gradually increase and individuals capacity over time.

These classes are capped at a maximum of 16, there is no need to worry about partners as 2 coaches are present at all times. These sessions will be a minimum 50% of ringwork followed by 50% of heavy bag/footwork. Box @ Adrenaline allows a natural progression from our large group boxing classes and perfect for those wanting a more technical and dynamic experience.