Our group classes @ Adrenaline are specifically designed to develop a boxers overall strength & conditioning needs, each class has its own specificity and we want you to consider their content to your own training @ Adrenaline. We firmly believe the unique physical characteristics of a boxer translates into a number of other sports but also importantly general day to day life.

These classes are booking only and can be booked below via the ADRENALINE BOXING & CONDITIONING APP or via this link to via our website: https://adrenalineboxing.com.au/time-table/ 

Our Cardiovascular only session is designed with boxing as it's clear focus, the goal of VO2 is to significantly improve an individuals aerobic fitness whilst decreasing our lactic build-up at higher relative intensities. Our sessions are structured and progressive to ensure we continue to advance our program. Each session is adaptable to all levels with clear regressions where needed for those coming in with low fitness. We recommend 2-3 x VO2's per week and should be part of your Adrenaline fundamentals for increasing overall health or wellbeing. Want a boxers engine? This is the class for you.
BUILD By Adrenaline is our Small Group Strength only class, following a periodised planning method our programming follows a 3 type split of: CHEST/BACK & SHOULDERS ARMS & CORE LEGS Each week is planned to ensure progression in all key lift area's, BUILD is a huge team atmosphere of lifting and improvement, strength is another fundamental component of the Adrenaline method.
Volume is the ultimate crossover session it is hugely popular with our regulars and was put onto the timetable to increase an individual's overall work-load progressively. Key focus areas are muscular endurance and aerobic capacity, expect to see plenty of Barbell, calisthenics & cardiovascular elements.
Get in and get it done, that's how we explain QHA. 35 Min's from the time your instructor begins demo's to the final whistle, everything in this session is about maximizing the time we have making it our most efficient session on the Time-table. Expect high heart-rates and challenging mixtures of strength/cardiovascular efforts, a crowd favorite!
We would typically split these classes up with around 60% boxing and 40% conditioning. This offering is the most popular Boxing element on the time-table and a foundation class, we wanted to bring the benefits of a structured boxing class in a controlled environment. You will see our fighters using these classes in preparation meaning we practice what we preach!
Heavy bag or QHB sessions are an excellent option for those wanting a serious work-out boxing workout. This session is for all levels, however it is fair to say this is one of the more difficult classes for the week in terms of volume & intensity.
Typically you can expect plenty of pad-work split into 'rounds' with no class ever the same and we will always place a heavy emphasis on foot-work and balance, we teach you to use the pad's as a tool to improve technique and accuracy.
Box @ Adrenaline allows a natural progression from our large group boxing classes and perfect for those wanting a more technical and dynamic experience, we recommend mouth guard's (without also catered for) you can expect contact within these sessions.
Plyometric/Agility/Speed & Strength, as the name would suggest this is high energy and high intensity. The beauty of this session is the unknown the core purpose of this session really enables us to change content regularly. It's also a partner-less session making it easier to just turn up and not have to worry about finding a partner. We will keep your mind and body guessing all the way through this one. Expect: Short sharp bursts of activity with adequate rest, Running, Strength Circuits & Movement.
Our S&C Sessions are time based sets rolled into a circuit. Our training methodology is designed to enable a stronger and more dynamic boxing body as it's principle. Again you can expect major muscle groups being taxed and full body work-outs. This is the perfect all round Strength/Cardiovascular offering we have on the time-table.
Lift & Run the most efficient and dynamic session on the time-table, think Compound Lifts and Air-Runners. Each session fundamentally revolves around running and is paired with compound lifts to maximize your time. If you want a real push @ Adrenaline this is the class for you!