When Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning began it was important to me that we have a vision and purpose. We sat down and planned what it would look like in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years, but more importantly why it looked that way. The vision was genuinely the easy part, we knew where we wanted to be, the hard part was getting it down and making it measurable to keep us accountable. It was also really important we embedded our non-negotiables from a values and ethics point of view.

Over the past 18 months I am proud to say we have achieved pretty much everything we set out to do. At times we haven’t been able to achieve what we set out, purely due to time, but it’s been good to see that our vision and purpose has served as our compass along the journey and pulled us back when it needed to.

The next 6 months are quite possibly the most critical of all which will see us all making some uncomfortable decisions and stepping out of our comfort zones. Trust us, we believe in what we are doing and this is the reason you will start to see some BIG, exciting changes coming through. Those that frequent the gym regularly would have already started to hear and feel some of those changes – Wednesday nights tester of new content was just the starting point.

We are a matter of weeks away from unveiling 3 game changing initiatives. So if you, or you know of someone who is about to undertake a gym membership somewhere else, just hold that thought……change is coming!