Below are our Large Group class times, all the sessions listed below do not require a booking, meaning you can simply turn up.  Need more info about pricing or what to expect? Head to our FAQ for a more detailed look.

In these classes we place a heavy emphasis on boxing. Typically you can expect plenty of Mitt-work/Heavy bags split into 'rounds' no class is ever the same and we also may utilise footwork/strength elements.
We would typically split these classes up with around 60% boxing and 40% conditioning. These classes vary greatly depending in there content and also the instructor. That said we fundamentally ensure our conditioning is completed with building a stronger more functional boxing body. Expect to see Slam Balls, Battle Ropes, Agility, speed-work & functional body weight exercises.
Heavy bag sessions are an excellent option for those wanting a serious work-out boxing workout. This session is for all levels, however it is fair to say this is one of the more difficult classes for the week in terms of volume & intensity.
Our S&C Sessions are time based sets rolled into a circuit. Our training methodology is designed to enable a stronger and more dynamic boxing body as it's principle. Again you can expect major muscle groups being taxed and full body work-outs. We believe these sessions have huge benefits to our team at Adrenaline.
Plyometric/Agility/Speed & Strength, as the name would suggest this is high energy and high intensity. The beauty of this session is the unknown the core purpose of this session really enables us to change content regularly. It's also a partner-less session making it easier to just turn up and not have to worry about finding a partner. We will keep your mind and body guessing all the way through this one. Expect: Short sharp bursts of activity with adequate rest, Running, Strength Circuits & Movement.
A tornado of functional exercises, short intervals with short periods of rest. You will constantly be moving this 35 Min session. Expect all the major muscle groups to be taxed during this session and high heart rate, this is our most efficient session.
BUILD By Adrenaline is our Large Group Strength only class, we focus on the prime-movers in this class whilst keep the body guessing each and every session. Expect EMOM's, AMRAP'S, Super-sets, Giant Sets and timed working sets. This is the perfect option for those wanting a good dose of strength training to accompany our conditioning classes for the perfect all-round boxer body. (Please note unlike our Small Group Strength this class does NOT require our Strength training app)