The ultimate workout

14937245-2147388548818785-890781834241884658-n-1Boxing engages muscles from all over your body. You essentially recruit all your upper body muscles to throw punches, slip, weave and roll. Your legs get in on the act, too, carrying you around and assisting proper angles, whether real or imagined. Your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes work together to help you lunge in and out, and add power to your punches. The power you generate for any punch starts down below and drives upward from your calves in a kinetic chain. Strong calves help you bob and weave around the ring.

The After-burn

Throwing punches, moving around a boxing ring or smashing a heavy bag expends significant energy, you can expect during a typical session to burn at least 600 calories per session PLUS dial up the metabolic burn! Meaning that your hard work will continue to pay off well after you have left the gym.


By using our training stimulus you continue to progress to higher work-loads. There is no point in having a high torque without the body to survive the ride, that’s why we focus on building our endurance a solid base enables us the ability to sustain effort and focus to complete higher end efforts. Sessions such as the heavy bag is a great session to help measure your improvements.

Stress Relief

Sure, boxing is a physical activity that can help you get in shape, but it has psychological benefits, hitting the heavy bag and focusing on punch and jab combinations provide an outlet for frustration, anxiety and aggression. Technical elements such as working with the skipping/mitt-work and the various bags we have at Adrenaline help develop discipline and concentration, other aspects that can help relieve the mind of stress.

Strength and a functional body

Are boxers the most finely tuned athletes in professional sport? It’s a tough comparison to make against any one sport. For the average gym-goer, fitness is a combination of its four most basic components: cardio-respiratory endurance (as measured by VO2max), muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Boxing certainly needs high degrees of all of these aspects to be tuned.
Taking these elements in mind I won’t enter into the argument of which sport develops the greatest athletes, it’s an impossible argument to win. One thing is for sure though when people start talking about a list of possible candidates boxing will always be on that list.

Adrenaline and our services

First and foremost we deliver content to improve boxing fitness and conditioning, we believe that by keeping to this core principle wherever we can that we develop everyone week by week into higher states of fitness and movement. Our time-table has been designed specifically to allow for regular training and give excellent variety, our class options are never the same we continue to mix-up our classes with various drills and exercises.

Ask any Adrenaline regular and they will tell you our variety is one of the great things about our space, most importantly we pride ourselves on the training environment we offer we have anywhere from 10-60 year old, age is no barrier @Adrenaline. Our people constantly give us feedback on way to improve because that’s exactly what we ask for, that’s why we don’t sit still we constantly evolve and push our boundaries and those around us.

We won’t lock you into contracts or plans you choose your options and pay as you go, we also offer value for money right smack bang in the middle of Albury in a large comfortable space, in the end we realise there are so many great choices around the border to train with and it’s up to you the individual to do your own homework on what works for you as an individual. Feel free to drop us a message or swing on in for a chat if you would like more details.