There has obviously been a lot of news coming out of Adrenaline over the last month, the actual process now has really been going on for close to 6 months and finally we are now nearing the start date. Below I’ve tried to assemble the questions which have been steadily coming through just to help everyone understand what the future holds.

Class Time-table? Active from Monday June 19th

Ground Floor? All classes will be taken in our flag-ship premise on ground floor, depending on class type this may involve use of 1, 2 or 3 areas.

Entry? Will be directly from Swift Street.

Storage Areas available? Absolutely, upon entry you will be directed to the middle waiting room where seating is available, if you prefer to warm-up dynamically this is another options in the back room along with mobility equipment which is available. Your bags will be stored in the safe storage room next to waiting room.

Bookings & cancellations? We never require bookings so there is never a chance of cancellation fees.

Membership options? Please see below our pass options, no lock in contracts. No pressure and simply pay as you go.

Difference between Unlimited Pass option and Unloaded – Unlimited pass option offers access to any time-tabled class, the unloaded pass offers this and also the added benefit of access to the gym at any time during business hours

Do you have showers? – Yes full toilet block facility with shower in both Male & Female

What’s happened to Level 1 ? We maintain use of level 1 whenever we need for over-flow (ie big events). It will also be useful for running/stairs, the top venue is now available for hire for sporting teams if needed. For the right PT we would be willing to discuss options on a regular basis.

What can we expect coming in ? We have invested significantly in equipment and lay-out, we have designed this facility specifically with boxing in mind. You won’t see us reaching into disciplines which don’t interest us, we believe in our training methods which are boxing specific.

The unloaded pass what does it actually mean? The unloaded pass for an extra $5 per week ($140 per month) on-top of the unlimited pass will give you access to do whatever you want in the facility during business hours (6am – 8pm). Restrictions will apply when classes are on eg If Strength & conditioning is on the front room will be closed. However outside of those times you will be free to roam and go hard.

What equipment can we expect? We are fully equipped in terms of boxing gear, we have 18 Heavy Bags and numerous speciality bags (Speed, F2C, Wrecking Ball, Uppercut Bag) and a 4x4m Boxing Ring. We have full Olympic lifting area along with Dumbbell/Kettle bell areas. Our conditioning equipment is where we pride ourselves on, there is some seriously heavy duty and tough equipment in the actual conditioning area plus a few surprises in the back room.

I’ve heard there is a meeting room what is this for? We are hiring this space for half day ($50) or full day ($100) sessions for Corporate groups, the room itself is a fully equipped with a 65 inch LCD, White board, Board Room table and catering options from our café partners. We will be offering team building options as well.

We are also very keen to establish connections with our sporting teams to utilise the area for Leadership groups/Selections right in the middle of Albury. This leaves a significant opportunity particularly in the off-season as teams begin their training camps something we have a huge amount of experience with.

What’s the deal with the kids room? Currently this area will not be supervised, the area is 4 x 4ms with numerous toys and games including an X-Box. We think it’s a great space with safety gate which hopefully gives Mum and Dad the chance to come in and get a great work-out. There is no cost to this room or option, we do expect that kids will stay in and not wander into our sandpit which is specifically for adult use only.

Can I now book my sporting team in even if a class is on? Yes, due to the nature and sheer size of our facility we wanted to ensure during design that 2 classes could work simultaneously. This now means we have slots from Monday-Saturday for any sporting team or small group.

Are concession/Under 18 prices still half price? Yes $5 per casual visit still applies.

I’m interested in competitive boxing do you offer this? Stay tuned in particular pathways for junior development.

Your Personal Training options are they changing? We will be offering even more options to our current programs, stay tuned on this one.