Welcome to Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning, Albury.

Adrenaline runs a weekly timetable of Boxing/Functional/Spin & Pilates training sessions, run by a group of professional trainers. All classes are suitable for any level of fitness, age and ability.

Our specialist training facility is well designed with defined boxing areas equipped with specialist punching bags (including full competition ring), Fully equipped Strength Room, Conditioning Room, Spin Studio, & Reformer Pilates Studio we also have a designated Kid-Zone & additional services including our In-Body 570 Scanner.

Adrenaline occupies a large 1600 Square Meter space over 2 levels right in the middle of Albury. We look forward to seeing you at Adrenaline!

Group Class Offerings

  • Boxing

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Spin

  • Reformer Pilates

Additional Service Offerings

  • Personal Training

  • Competitive Boxing

  • Sporting Group Sessions

  • Corporate Sessions

  • In-Body Composition Scanning

Official Boxing NSW Registered Gymnasium

Official Stockists of Sting Boxing

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To recover quickly, listen to your body.
Refuel and eat within 60 minutes post your session.
Replace lost fluids.
Always take the time to stretch, crew.
Rest. Optimal sleep does wonders.
A muscle needs anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to repair and rebuild, keep this in mind when scheduling your classes.
Refuel to maximise your efforts and build strength ahead of your next session.
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Cardio efforts are fundamental in building your fitness.
Only through consistent training will you see change.
Consistency builds improvement every time.
Get your heart racing with our cardio-based classes.
Leave everything on the gym floor.

No class is every the same, legends. For cardio, think:
💥 Q.H.A
💥 Strength & Conditioning
💥 P.A.S.S

Achieve what you never thought possible.
Do what others can’t and show them how it’s done.
Book your next cardio hit through the Adrenaline App today.
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We back each other every step of the way.
We’re all in it together.
We support each other.
We don’t attempt to be something we’re not.
We don’t offer quick wins. You’ll find no fake promises here.
It takes hard work.
It takes commitment.
There’s no lock in contracts or ongoing fees, just transparent pricing.
The same pricing options for all.
Backed by expert and tailored sessions.
We’re transparent in everything we do.
Always technique first.
This is our promise.
This is how we show up.
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Find your strength, your force, your power.
Focus on each session, build and improve.
Focus on posture.
On your movement.
On technique.
Build your foundations. Strong.
It’s time to battle it out and get to work.
Build by Adrenaline is all about strength and mobility. To enhance your flexibility and performance, both in the gym and your everyday life.
Expect HIGH volume. MAX effort.
Our split programming allows for a targeted focus.
Is Build on your schedule this week, crew?
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Crew, the following classes have been cancelled for tomorrow, Thursday 13 January due to trainer availability.

▪️ 6am, V02
▪️ 7am, V02
▪️ 10:30am, Adrenaline Ladies. We’ve cancelled this class as a precaution vs. trainer availability and we’ll continue to be pro-active where necessary.
▪️ 5pm, Build
▪️ 6pm, Build

Alternative classes are available at the above time slots for both V02 and Build. The remainder of the week is looking solid currently, however please stay close to our Socials as things are changing rapidly.

We appreciate your patience on this one.

A 1:1 session is yours to own.
Prefer to train alone?
Need absolute focus and attention from our Trainers?
There’s nowhere to hide.
​All eyes are on you.
Our PT sessions help you achieve MAX results.
Helping you reach your short and long term goals.
Jump onto the Adrenaline website and book in a FREE consultation.
​Now’s the time, legend.
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We all have the power to commit to progress.
To shake off bad habits and get back in.
Set a routine.
Challenge yourself.
Pure grit will get you through.
Build on your technique and improve accuracy, with our Boxing, PADWORK sessions.
We focus on footwork.
The important of balance and movement.
Reach new levels of mental and physical toughness.
Sharpen your effort each round.
How you show-up is everything, crew.
Jump onto the Adrenaline App to book your next Boxing, PADWORK session.
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Test your limits, both mentally and physically.
Commit to the challenge with Lift & Run.
A combination of compound lifts and the air runner to get your blood pumping.
Don’t be fooled by its simplicity.
This. Class. Will. Deliver.
Let the Adrenaline flow through you and the sweat roll.
Commit to the challenge, crew.
Have you tried Lift & Run?
Book your next class, jump onto the Adrenaline App, crew.
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We appreciate your understanding and flexibility this week as we navigate the latest wave of COVID-19 and the impacts locally.

We want to give a shout out to both Chief and Bam Bam 💥💯

The gym has ran this week with just three trainers and these two have knuckled down and got it done.


A full-body workout designed to improve your flexibility, build strength and definition.
We take an exercise-based approach to all Pilates by Adrenaline classes.
Each sequence is deliberate.
Controlled movement is the goal.
Find your balance and move deeper with each exercise.
Complement your current training, or shape your results with our various Pilates class options.
Test yourself, legends.
Don’t underestimate the power of Pilates by Adrenaline.
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After a short stint with us in our Pilates studios, we bid farewell to Lilly.

Lilly is moving to the Gold Coast to put her feet in the sand and take a face to face role with her current company, pursing her career in nutrition.

We want to thank Lilly for her time with us, it’s been great to see her programming and confidence in the studios grow.

We were hopeful of having one more week with Lilly, she has made a mercy dash today (thank you COVID) to make sure she gets there in time for starting her new role.

Wishing you all the best, Lilly.

Without question, the most efficient and dynamic session on the timetable.
The premise is simple.
Compound lifts and air runners combined.
Each session fundamentally revolves around running and is paired with compound lifts to MAXIMISE your effort.
If you’re looking for a real push, crew.
This is the class for you.
Our Lift and Run session is causing quite the stir on the gym floor.... again.
Jump onto the Adrenaline App to check out our weekly timetable.
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Not all is fair in battle, there are cheap blows and gambles.
Not every day is a good day, but we soldier on.
When we hold our head high, we cannot be touched.
Together we are stronger.
We take on whatever life throws at us, no victim mentality here.
We do not fear change, we embrace it.
Our crew play fair.
There are no discounts, no deals for our hard work.
Our pricing is the same, 365 days a year.
We’re here for our crew.
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Let’s get stuck back into it, crew.
We take your health and fitness seriously.
Every day of the year.
There are no gimmicks, deals or false pretences to get you started.
We train on even ground.
​On our terms, we are all equals here.
We don’t play favourites, everyone is welcome with a fair go.
365 days and counting, we’re consistent all the way through.
We stand proud, our way.
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There is no escape, the support is real.
To improve, achieve and get results.
You’re only as good as the team surrounding you.
Ours is rock solid.
Measured and self-disciplined.
We rise to lift others.
Stand beside you if you fall.
Expect progress in each session, success is near.
ONE crew, ONE community.
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There are no words to describe the unknown.
Together we stand, we fight to win.
A team effort unmatched.
Supported from the core. We always have your back.
Our strength has many faces.
But we come as ONE.
We train as ONE and leave our burdens at the door.
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Merry Christmas, legends.
From all of us @ Adrenaline, enjoy the time with your families, friends and loved ones.
2021 has been a crazy year.
We’re always so humbled and grateful for your support, thank you for standing with us through it all.
There’s big things to come in 2022.

The gym will re-open on Tuesday 4 January.
Stay safe, and enjoy a well deserved rest, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

The gym will be closed the week in between Christmas and New Year, crew.

We’ll close on Christmas Eve, Friday 24 December @ 1pm.

The gym will then re-open on Tuesday 4 January, with our new timetable to kick start the year.
​Enjoy the well deserved rest and time with family, legends.
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Pilates by Adrenaline continues to grow, and evolve as we go from strength to strength.
All classes are in hot demand.
It’s infectious.
The results felt by all that walk into our Studios. The trademark burn is real.
Our team are committed to delivering pilates classes that are technique driven, and a unique experience.
We teach with sequences of controlled movements, for a full body workout.
Our flow is killer, as we work your muscles in all directions, for more eccentric control.

Join us in welcoming Laura to the Mat as our newest Pilates Teacher.
​You’ll see Laura feature within our timetable over the coming weeks.
Together, we’ll continue to deliver versatility with each session actively targeting and training different areas of the body.
It’s a guaranteed intense and dynamic workout.
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