Welcome to Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning, Albury.

Adrenaline runs a weekly timetable of Boxing/Functional/Spin & Pilates training sessions, run by a group of professional trainers. All classes are suitable for any level of fitness, age and ability.

Our specialist training facility is well designed with defined boxing areas equipped with specialist punching bags (including full competition ring), Fully equipped Strength Room, Conditioning Room, Spin Studio, & Reformer Pilates Studio we also have a designated Kid-Zone & additional services including our In-Body 570 Scanner.

Adrenaline occupies a large 1600 Square Meter space over 2 levels right in the middle of Albury. We look forward to seeing you at Adrenaline!

Group Class Offerings

  • Boxing

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Spin

  • Reformer Pilates

Additional Service Offerings

  • Personal Training

  • Competitive Boxing

  • Sporting Group Sessions

  • Corporate Sessions

  • In-Body Composition Scanning

Official Boxing NSW Registered Gymnasium

Official Stockists of Sting Boxing

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Build strength.
Tackle each session with a newfound conviction.
Start over. Try again.
Build on yesterday.
Nothing can break you.
Feel stronger.
Feel your fitness improve.
The choice to commit and show-up each session is yours, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Correct technique cannot be understated.
Build your foundations.
Develop your force.
Test your muscular endurance.
Our training efforts are always building. Evolving.
Focus on posture. On correct muscle activation and movement.
Work with intent. It’s time, legends.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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High intensity.
High energy.
Plyometrics. Agility. Speed. Strength.
We challenge every aspect of your body throughout our P.A.S.S sessions.
We’ll keep you moving.
Expect bursts of activity.
Strength circuits.
Max movement, for max effort.
No partner needed, legends. Get to it.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Move deeper into each sequence.
Increase your flexibility.
The focus on building both physical and mental strength are evident within each session.
Our approach to Pilates is exercise based.
A trademark, killer burn.
With deliberate and controlled movement for a full body workout.
Shaping results, in true Adrenaline style.
#weareadreanline #pilatesbyadrenaline

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What drives us is our people.
Results. Technique. Performance. They mean nothing without our team.
The team effort is everything.
We have your back. We hold each other accountable.
There’s no greater power than our combined effort.
One community. One crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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It’s time to build on your technique.
Power through.
Add a dose of Build by Adrenaline to your training schedule.
Our Strength only class circuit, expect to encounter intensity in spades.

💥 EMOM’s
💥 Super-Sets
💥 Giant Sets
💥 Timed working Sets

High volume. Maximum effort.
It’s uniquely Adrenaline, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

Each of our Heavy Bag sessions demand an all-round effort.
Technique is front and centre.
Nail your footwork.
Focus on balance.
Step it up.
The volume and intensity are unmatched.
This next round is yours, legends.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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THREE energy systems.
ONE VO2 session.
We’re focused on intensity.
Challenge yourself.
Improve your cardiovascular fitness.
The energy you need, it can be found here.
Leave everything on the gym floor during your session, legends.
Don’t hold back.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We know you’ve got this, legends.
You know it too.
You’ve pushed through before.
Your next set is just one more effort.
Your strength lies within.
Find your confidence. Feed your focus.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Our training blocks allow you to build with confidence.
To up your intensity.
Feel the difference, crew.
Strengthen your focus.
On improvement.
On progress.
Give it everything.
It’s time to test your limits.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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No limits.

This is how Stu describes Adrenaline, and frankly it sums up what he brings to the gym floor, and into his sessions every single day.

He never takes himself too seriously, and channels this energy into all things fitness and exercise.

Stu brings technical smarts and killer instinct to our Boxing program.
A master of his craft. Always training. Always looking for more.
He lives and breathes the Adrenaline mindset, his attitude and focus on point.

For Stu, it’s about having fun, and enjoying what he’s doing. If you’re taking a Boxing, Boxing & Conditioning or even a P.A.S.S or QHA session, you can expect fun in spades, legends.

Our resident joker is 💯 focused on keeping our crew happy, having a laugh and making your day that little bit better.

Don’t be fooled.
Whilst your session with Stu is a guaranteed fun time. He’ll make you sweat. He’ll put you through your paces. Get to work, crew.

Stu is a team player to his core. He’s the first to put his hand up. To help other trainers, or members of the crew, and nothing is ever a hassle. He’s fiercely loyal, and we’re stoked he’s fighting in our corner.

The gym floor is yours, legends.
Know that Stu has your back. He’s committed, always supporting you, and pushing you for more.
#weareadreanline #adrenalinebuilt

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Set yourself a new challenge.
Spark your motivation.
Focus. Keep going.
There’s no better feeling than hitting a PB.
You have the power.
Commit to progress.
You’ll achieve what you never thought possible.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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It takes hard work and dedication to achieve results.
We focus on maximum output, for a solid effort from every class or 1:1 session.
You have the power to shift your mindset.
The strength for one more effort.
Dare to be different, crew.
You’ll be stronger for it.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We’re here for each other, crew.
It’s always been about community.
Together, we train hard.
We’re not here to get numbers through the doors.
No discounts, no deals.
Just set pricing, 365 days a year.
We’re all on the same page.
We’re here to do what we do best.
You’ll get out what you put in, legends.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Your limits are yours to own. They’re what you let them be.
Don’t settle, crew.
Push through your boundaries.
Try new sessions.
Focus on your PBs.
Lift more. Go further. Train harder.
Train stronger.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Fresh on the heels of Mackensey’s announcement we have another cracker to put up 🙌

We are pleased to announce Mikey Hamilton has accepted a spot in our Spin Team 👌

Where do I start with Mikey, he is one of the most inspiring ppl we have ever had through the doors and we couldn’t think of a more loyal and kind person.

I’m so pleased we are giving him the opportunity to do something he absolutely loves and we cannot wait for his energy to be delivered to Spin @ Adrenaline

Welcome legend 👊

Bring focus to the centre of your body.
We want you to get maximum value from each movement.
Correct muscle activation and breathing are just the beginning.
We’re here to strengthen.
To boost flexibility.
Deliberate and controlled movement is the goal. Each and every exercise.

Mat @ Adrenaline has you covered in 2021, with 5 sessions each week, crew. Jump onto the Adrenaline App to book your spot.
#weareadrenaline #pilatesbyadrenaline

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Everyone is welcome.
It doesn’t matter where you start.
Your fitness journey grows here.
There’s safety in numbers.
Our leaders are trained. Knowledgeable.
Guiding the way.
Our actions speak for themselves.
We understand the barriers.
There’s empathy and direction here.
Together, we forge ahead.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We are proud to announce Mackensey House will officially be joining our team, the House family have strong connections to Adrenaline with John, Jodie, Shaylah & Blaynee all regulars and massive supporters of Adrenaline 🙌

We love the way this young lady goes about her training and this translates into her sporting pursuits most notably this weekend she competed in the Victorian Country Swimming Titles and came away with :

Gold - 50m Freestyle
Gold - 50m Breaststroke (Swimming a National qualifying time in the process)
Silver - 50m Butterfly
Bronze - 200m IM
Bronze - 100m Freestyle

Mackensey carefully considered her future and is now laying a path forward for her passion with us, she will be a terrific role model for our youth program and also add a different perspective to our team environment.

Make sure you say ‘hey’ next time you see Mackensey and welcome ! We wish you a very bright future 🙏

The Adrenaline Team

Take on the challenge.
With training, and commitment. The floor is yours.
Position your body.
Mobilise your effort, harness your technique.
Unlock your potential. Untapped. Raw.
That’s the power we want to harness, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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