Welcome to Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning, Albury.

Adrenaline runs a weekly timetable of Boxing/Functional/Spin & Pilates training sessions, run by a group of professional trainers. All classes are suitable for any level of fitness, age and ability.

Our specialist training facility is well designed with defined boxing areas equipped with specialist punching bags (including full competition ring), Fully equipped Strength Room, Conditioning Room, Spin Studio, & Reformer Pilates Studio we also have a designated Kid-Zone & additional services including our In-Body 570 Scanner.

Adrenaline occupies a large 1600 Square Meter space over 2 levels right in the middle of Albury. We look forward to seeing you at Adrenaline!

Group Class Offerings

  • Boxing

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Spin

  • Reformer Pilates

Additional Service Offerings

  • Personal Training

  • Competitive Boxing

  • Sporting Group Sessions

  • Corporate Sessions

  • In-Body Composition Scanning

Official Boxing NSW Registered Gymnasium

Official Stockists of Sting Boxing

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We pride ourselves on being real.
Pushing the limits and going above and beyond what is thought possible.
In everything we do.
We do it our way.
Always improving, building on our technique.
Leaving everything on the gym floor.
Training is a mental and physical game.
You’ve got to work hard. Every. Single. Session.
Make it happen and plan your week ahead of time, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We bring focus to the centre of your body.
We teach movement through exercise based pilates to deliver strength, definition and improved flexibility.
With sequences of controlled movements for a full body workout.
Target your muscle groups with a killer flow, and more eccentric control.
Feel the burn.
Feel the Pilates by Adrenaline difference.
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Everyone that enters the 4 walls of Adrenaline arrives for a different reason. Driven by their own goals, but supported by the crew each step of the way. A trainer who believes this is what makes Adrenaline unique and pretty special is, Arthur.

When taking a class with our resident fashion trendsetter, you can expect he’s got a killer program focused on improving both your physical and mental strength.

He’s a trainer who will push you.
He’s renowned for interchanging the words FUN and HARD when it comes to training, and he believes profanities from any of the crew during a session are the utmost form of flattery.

The benefits of fitness and exercise are unsurpassed in his eyes.

Whether it be playing sport or training in the gym, the ability to switch off from life and lock-in to harnessing and improving his own capabilities, exercise and fitness are a release for Arthur; and something he’s passionate about sharing with you, crew.

Each class at Adrenaline delivers a duration of mental clarity, often a battle between each member of the crew and each individuals physical capabilities.
As you push through. One. More. Effort.
It’s this battle that drives growth, and pushes this high octane go-getter to bring his A-game.

Always enthusiastic in his approach to training, this team player is grateful he gets to work alongside a crew that can only be described as… better than lego. Working together, each and every day to build on the Adrenaline experience and provide the absolute best is guaranteed from this team.

This legend continues to bring his own unique twist and flavour to every session. And we can’t wait for more.
#weareadreanline #adrenalinebuilt

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There’s no shortcuts here, legends.
It’s about discipline.
It’s about mindset.
It’s about effort.
Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.
Let the difficulty transform you.
Fight your fears.
Take action.
Focus on progress. Focus on the 1%ers.
This is where we win.
#weareadreanline #adrenalinebuilt

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Our environment is ever-changing.
Our commitment to raising the bar, to refining our discipline, to our standard of training, has never been more important.
The Adrenaline way is forward.
Always looking ahead.
Focused on becoming stronger.
We hold ourselves and each other to this standard. Always striving for more.
We won’t settle.
We won’t stop.
It’s our time, legends.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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When you walk through our doors, leave it all behind.
There’s no time for self-doubt.
Consistently supported.
Consistently challenged.
Progress is within reach. There’s nothing more important.
Battle it out. You’ve got more in you, crew.
Your training is yours to build on.
Train strong.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Now's the time to give it everything.
There will never be a perfect time to train.
Commit to your own plan, and focus on your own goals.
That’s all that matters.
Adrenaline is built on a foundation of boxing fundamentals, a mindset, and a lasting attitude.
It’s this support and mindset that is critical to success.
We take our classes seriously to ensure we deliver results.
We are always a step ahead.
Let others follow. We are Adrenaline.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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In everything we do, we do it our way.
What sets Adrenaline apart?
The belief in our people.
You each make Adrenaline what it is.
You bring an energy. A drive to push yourself, to grow.
We’re proud of each and everyone of you, sweating it out.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Getting started can be tough.
Being a part of the Adrenaline crew, you’re unstoppable.
It’s mind over matter, every session.
Always push yourself. Test your own limits.
There’s nothing holding you back, legends.
Together, we forge our own path.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Don’t be scared to push yourself.
You’re more capable and confident than you know.
Face your fears.
Be prepared to win. To grow.
You can’t grow whilst staying within your comfort zone.
Be a part of something bigger.
Together we achieve.
Together we reach and exceed our goals.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Consistency in our training is key.
It’s what makes us stronger.
It’s how we progress. 
We grow through our experiences.
Together, we forge our own path.
Focused on our own game.
Control your own effort, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We’re all about strength, definition, and improved flexibility.
Achieved through controlled and deliberate movement.
Pilates by Adrenaline continues to build.
The word continues to spread.
The power of Pilates is unmatched.
We know you’re loving each and every session, legends.
Feeling the burn, experiencing the benefits and results first-hand.
#weareadrenaline #pilatesbyadrenaline

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Our commitment is to each of you, crew. The Adrenaline floor is yours, and you’ll always be supported by a team of trainers focused on you, supporting you to bring your A-game and get the most from your session.

Someone who brings a consistent energy, each and every session is Brooke. A trainer who delivers in spades, always greets you with a smile, and is determined to see each member of the crew walk out the door smiling... just that little bit more than when they arrived. Endorphins for the win.

A class with Brooke is an energetic and equally supportive environment, one that will challenge you both mentally and physically. Plus, there’s guaranteed to be a little laughter and a lot of SWEAT.

All things fitness and exercise are at the core of Brooke’s DNA, she’s a firm believer in the benefits they deliver, both for herself and those around her:

Simply move your body, for Brooke exercise is key for her mental health.

It’s bigger than how someone presents within just one single session. It’s holistic, and helps all elements of (mental, physical, and emotional) health, for us to thrive.

Whether it’s a 1:1 session with Brooke, Strength & Conditioning, Build, Volume or Spin, know that she’s got your back and will work 💯 to deliver a class that pushes you to go that extra mile.

Always the optimist, Brooke’s positive energy is infectious and her belief in each of the crew, evident. She’s the first to offer help and support everyone on their health and fitness journey.
We’re glad to have Brooke in our corner.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Building resilience starts with a solid foundation.
Grounding your training in purpose, and doing the basics well.
You have the power to shift your mindset.
Push yourself further. Give a little more.
Finish the week strong.
Get your heart rate up, and your body moving, crew.
Focus on the wins, the small changes and improvements.
Make possible what you couldn’t do yesterday.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Each of you are on your own journey.
Supported by the crew, as you fight your own battles.
Face your own fears.
Work towards your own goals.
Our classes are designed for all fitness levels.
We embrace our diversity.
It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or you’ve been with us for years.
Our goals are clear, we will not be deterred.
Together, we are Adrenaline.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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You can’t grow whilst staying the same.
Challenge yourself.
True growth comes from within.
Feed the focus.
Feel the drive. The rush. The feeling of Adrenaline.
It fuels us to go further.
It picks us up if we fall.
It pushes us to go the extra mile.
To do the extra work. One. More. Effort.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Grit does not rely on exceptional courage or talent.
It’s your willingness to make sacrifices when needed.
To consistently work hard.
Find the mental and physical power to dig-in.
The focus to be mentally fit.
This toughness will get you through the extra effort, legends.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Dedicate yourself.
Always strive to better your performance.
Our technique is tried and tested.
Our sessions are designed to test both physical and mental strength.
Build on your results.
Always seek to improve. To push your mind and body a little further.
We believe in the Adrenaline result.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We’re about pushing the limits.
Zero comparison, we focus within our 4 walls. Always.
We go above and beyond what is thought possible.
Strength is a mindset.
Pain is temporary.
Quitting is not an option.
Bring your A-game and get to work.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Our zones are designed to deliver intensity, and create a specialist training environment.
Our programming is backed by science.
Our consistent philosophy to training can be felt throughout each and every session.
Progression is key.
Each session is programmed for you to build on your fitness, no matter what fitness level or ability.
Bring consistency of effort, crew. The time is now.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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