Welcome to Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning, Albury.

Adrenaline runs a weekly timetable of Boxing/Functional/Spin & Pilates training sessions, run by a group of professional trainers. All classes are suitable for any level of fitness, age and ability.

Our specialist training facility is well designed with defined boxing areas equipped with specialist punching bags (including full competition ring), Fully equipped Strength Room, Conditioning Room, Spin Studio, & Reformer Pilates Studio we also have a designated Kid-Zone & additional services including our In-Body 570 Scanner.

Adrenaline occupies a large 1600 Square Meter space over 2 levels right in the middle of Albury. We look forward to seeing you at Adrenaline!

Group Class Offerings

  • Boxing

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Spin

  • Reformer Pilates

Additional Service Offerings

  • Personal Training

  • Competitive Boxing

  • Sporting Group Sessions

  • Corporate Sessions

  • In-Body Composition Scanning

Official Boxing NSW Registered Gymnasium

Official Stockists of Sting Boxing

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In line with the 7 day Albury lockdown we are closing, for now

The following classes today will not run:
5.30pm Mat Pilates
6.00pm V02
6.00pm S&C

The classes for the remaining lockdown period will also be cancelled

See you in 7 days crew 👊🏼

Our people are at the core of everything we do.
As a collective, we slay in our own lane.
Always supported.
We show-up for each other.
Our community is built on 💯 belief.
Belief in our crew.
Belief in our trainers.
Belief in our leaders.
Together, we are Adrenaline.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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As we get ready for our reset tomorrow the team will be working hard to progressively ease you back in, the next couple of weeks monitor your training load and listen to your body💪
We know this place is addictive, we know it’s your network and we know how much you have missed it 🙌 let’s manage these first couple of weeks to build the base back up ⬆️

Stay tuned for updates on how we manage the transition and now we are less than 12 hours to go 👊



The team are beyond excited to get moving again and return to Adrenaline 🙌

Some quick points below as we are getting pumped with msg’s:
👉Saturday start with Adrenaline App accurate and up to date NOW
👉Passes - Please be patient we have a huge backlog to reinstate we think this process could take between 5-6 hours, rest assured they are underway
👉The timetable for next 2 weeks may change a little over next few days so just keep an eye on your bookings via the app

Super positive news today and just so keen to stick our head down and get into it !!


Our environment is ever-changing.
Our commitment to refining our discipline, to our standard of training, has never been more important.
The Adrenaline way is forward.
Always looking ahead.
Focused on becoming stronger.
We hold ourselves and each other to this standard. Always striving for more.
We won’t settle.
We won’t stop.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Building resilience starts with a solid foundation.
Grounding your training in purpose, and doing the basics well.
You have the power to shift your mindset.
One foot in front of the other.
One more set.
Get your heart rate up, and your body moving, crew.
Focus on the wins, the small changes and improvements.
Make possible what you couldn’t do yesterday.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Even though we can’t train together on the gym floor, our community stand strong together.
Adrenaline is about giving it a fair go.
It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, or your fitness level.
Our foundation is built on an agile culture.
To empower our crew and Trainers every single day.
We guide and train you, to do your best.
Keep moving, crew. We’ve got this.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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What a turn-out !! 2 x Zoom Sessions delivered this week ‘Flash’ Seaton with Pilates and then the one two of ‘Disco’ Wilcox & ‘Bam Bam’ Thompson. Over 100 in attendance, we miss you and we CANNOT wait to hook back in 👊
Thank-you again to our crew for stepping up

We’re built on a foundation of boxing fundamentals.
Locally owned and programmed, this shapes our Adrenaline mindset.
To break away from the pack, to do it our way.
On our terms.
We research, test and program based on individual needs.
Even with current restrictions, our Trainers have you covered with Daily Lockdown sessions.
Never fearing to adapt.
We evolve to get results.
Always looking ahead. Planning for what’s next.
We lead not just by example, but through the power of local.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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It’s overwhelming the amount of txt’s and msg’s we are getting through the page and personally.

We had a belief that when we started this place that we should always stand up when ppl need us most, we stand here knowing that when the doors open everything eventually will be ok again.

For now it’s our turn, because we know movement is medicine we want to keep you moving and stay on course with a ‘stay ready’ mindset we will make it 👊

Stay tuned on our Insta feeds for daily workouts and upcoming lives this week with our squad 👊

The Adrenaline Team

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Back to back Challenges bring it home, crew.
Doing the same working sets, over and over, gets you nowhere.
We test ourselves everyday, building on our foundations.
We push ourselves with new techniques and drills.
To work harder and deliver on your progress.
We keep you on your toes, and develop your skills to be ready.
Whilst we may not be able to train together, our Trainers still get the best out of you.
We understand your energy systems, and how to build for progress. So you get the most out of your workout.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Having the right mindset is critical.
To overcome the barriers head on.
To face them without hesitation.
The times when we feel like giving up, we push on.
Feel the power of the Adrenaline, crew.
Together, we build for improvement. Side by side.
We’re committed to the fight, not the games.
Adrenaline gives you all the support to keep a positive mind.
To release the burdens and dig deep.
Now’s the time.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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We’re driven by our people.
Powering on.
To deliver results. Build technique. Improve performance. To stay focused.
A team effort is needed to take on the challenges ahead.
We have each other's back, no matter the circumstances.
We stand together, and hold each other accountable.
There’s no greater power than our combined effort.
One community. One crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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A shout-out to @georgiekate_ & @chiefgioulekas for sticking their hands up this week to craft the at home workouts.
We are massive believers of ‘next one up’ We are personally very thankful we have a team that stands up even on the difficult days 🙌


⁣⁣⁣Crew, in line with the latest NSW restrictions, we will be closing the gym for the next 7 days.
All passes will be paused over the next 24 hours. We will ensure that all class bookings are cancelled and credited back to your account.⁣⁣⁣
Adrenaline is fuelled by our people. To everyone who has supported us, and continues to do so, thank you.
For now, we’re closing, but we’ll see you again soon when we re-open.⁣⁣⁣

Through the highs and lows, we get through it all.
Our integrity remains intact.
There’s no gain without struggle.
We remain focused, sharpening our need to improve.
Discipline is what pushes us to overcome our challenges.
Each class is a lesson.
A test, to train and improve on your last effort.
Our training doesn’t stop. Keep wanting more, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Our last Challenge saw an amazing effort from our crew.
United as one.
Accountable for individual progress and results.
Only as strong as each other, we’re united together.
A shared commitment and bond that is unbreakable.
There’s a mutual respect within each of our Challengers.
An unmatched determination and drive to get through each session.
To fight. To sacrifice and work hard.
You get out what you put in.
An emotional charge of effort that ultimately pays off.
Feel the anxiety, the intensity of the emotion and break through it.
That’s progress. That's the achievement.
A huge congratulations to the crew for their efforts.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Experience short sharp efforts, build on your progress.
Let go of what weighs you down.
Lose what is no longer needed.
Focus your energy. Not on fighting the old, but building the new.
Stay loyal to the cause, commit and keep at it, crew.
Find the change within yourself.
Fight the inner battle.
Set yourself free with rock solid willpower.
See the force, take a new path and stay motivated.
Together we are Adrenaline.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Our commitment to our local community runs deep, crew.
Being locally owned and raised means we don’t take anything for granted.
Local pride runs through our veins.
A boxing gym that’s inclusive, always.
A tight knit community fostering the grit to battle and do more.
Our approach is unmatched. Shaped on a solid foundation.
We’re here, standing by your side.
Our Trainers have your back, working with you.
Here, we come together as one.
We’re grateful for the support.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Our programming is designed to keep your body moving.
Tailored to the conditions within our four walls.
We plan our sessions meticulously. To build and improve on your performance.
Every class has our focus, our commitment and extra level of care.
We test you.
​Build on your strength and focus on technique.
Each phase is developed to help you move. To grow.
To progress and keep showing up.
With a healthy mind, you can find the focus to power through.
Jump onto our website for our class timetable, crew.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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