Welcome to Adrenaline Boxing & Conditioning, Albury.

Adrenaline runs a weekly timetable of Boxing/Functional/Spin & Pilates training sessions, run by a group of professional trainers. All classes are suitable for any level of fitness, age and ability.

Our specialist training facility is well designed with defined boxing areas equipped with specialist punching bags (including full competition ring), Fully equipped Strength Room, Conditioning Room, Spin Studio, & Reformer Pilates Studio we also have a designated Kid-Zone & additional services including our In-Body 570 Scanner.

Adrenaline occupies a large 1600 Square Meter space over 2 levels right in the middle of Albury. We look forward to seeing you at Adrenaline!

Group Class Offerings

  • Boxing

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Spin

  • Reformer Pilates

Additional Service Offerings

  • Personal Training

  • Competitive Boxing

  • Sporting Group Sessions

  • Corporate Sessions

  • In-Body Composition Scanning

Official Boxing NSW Registered Gymnasium

Official Stockists of Sting Boxing

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Correct technique is everything, ours is a proven method.
The terms are simple, built on our boxing fundamentals.
A plan that involves killer instinct, agility and technique.
We see excellence not as a skill, but an attitude.
We strive to be our best.
We do not fear change, we adapt and evolve to get results.
Our actions speak louder than words.
An unbeatable system that delivers results.
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QHA delivers on a tornado of functional exercises.
Short intervals with short periods of rest.
Dig deep, crew.
Each station is a new effort.
Grab each opportunity with both hands.
Feel it and don’t hold back.
Expect all of your major muscle groups to be taxed during your Quick-Hit-of-Adrenaline session.
Stay disciplined and see the results.
New to Adrenaline, or looking for max efficiencies with your session, QHA is the perfect addition to your training schedule.
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Our training foundations are rock solid.
Built over years of discipline, commitment and hard work.
We put in the extra time. The extra effort.
Developing protocols and training programs to deliver results.
A methodology that pushes us.
​To our limits.
A dynamic approach, combined with our boxing fundamentals.
We train to fight, to battle it out and come out on top.
Built from the ground up, our foundation is set.
These four walls are rock solid, together we’re unstoppable.
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There’s no egos here.
Just a powerful drive to adapt.
How you show-up for each session will determine your outcomes.
Our Boxing PADWORK sessions build on your technique and improve accuracy. We focus on footwork, balance and the cardiovascular element of boxing.
Progression takes time, it instils change and requires focus.
BYO pads and gloves to these sessions.
Reach new levels of mental and physical toughness, as your sharpen your effort each round. Each class.
For our weekly timetable, jump onto the Adrenaline App.
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Our programming is second to none.
A powerful system, guided by our foundation of boxing fundamentals.
With protocols designed for MAX input and killer results.
Correct technique cannot be understated.
We research, test and program based on individual needs.
For those up for the challenge, it’s fair game.
Trust in the process, see it through.
The transformation process speaks for itself.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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As the dust settles on Adrenaline Games we wanted to take the time to thank @chiefgioulekas for his energy and desire to create them.
We are lucky to have individuals in the team who constantly strive to ‘create’ we have never been content with where we are at and what we do…The Adrenaline way will always guide us 👊
A job well done Chief! One small pat on the back also to our quiet achiever @_kannenbergeli who is growing up very fast and played a huge hand in helping the big fella with whatever he needed 🙌


Increase muscle strength and tone, with deliberate and controlled movements to increase your body awareness and concentration.
Mat by Adrenaline will always keep you guessing, and leave you wanting more.
Each class is designed around your core, the body’s powerhouse.
Clear your mind.
​Breathe through the burn.
Take the time to correct, perfect and hold.
For our weekly timetable and to book your next class, download the Adrenaline App.
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Our pricing is designed to be transparent with absolutely no lock-in contracts or minimum terms, we offer flexible access to our facilities for all.

New to Adrenaline?
We have Single Pass options for you to try a class, with no strings attached. A simple pay as you go method, with no special deals, each of our crew have access to the same pricing options.

Our Pass options are designed to suit those looking to up their volume of training, to get the most from their Adrenaline experience, see our Pass options below, legends.

▪️ 10 VISIT PASS $90 / $50 student
Available to book group training sessions
Allows 10 discounted visits
Passes are valid for 12 months

▪️ MONTHLY PASS $120 / $70 student
Available to book group training sessions
Allows up to 31 visits within the month
Excludes Reform @ Adrenaline and Spin
Passes are valid for 1 month from the date you book your first class

▪️ UNLIMITED PASS $150 / $100 student
Available to book group training sessions
Excludes Reform @ Adrenaline and Spin
Gym access during business hours
Passes are valid for 1 month from the date you book your first class

▪️ PLATINUM PASS $200 / $140 student
Available to book ALL group training sessions, incl. Reform @ Adrenaline and Spin
Gym access during business hours
Passes are valid for 1 month from the date you book your first class

👉 Your Pass is activated the DATE OF THE FIRST CLASS BOOKED. Once your Pass has been activated, we can’t shift the date.

All Passes can be purchased via the Adrenaline App, crew.
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Let’s get back to it, crew.
Turn up the heat.
Let’s show these four walls what we’re made of.
Break away from old routines, set new limits.
Reset. Focus. Book new sessions.
Set your own pace, and get to work.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Energy Australia are conducting maintenance to our block on Monday 1 November, from 1am - 8:30am.

Monday AM classes 5am - 8am have now been cancelled, and Passes refunded as needed.

This means the gym will open at 9:30am on Monday next week.

Our first classes for the day will be 9:30am Build with Mackensey, and 9:30am V02 with Laura.

The timetable will then resume as normal. Enjoy the sleep in, legends.

Take your time, work hard at the game.
Lead by example, set your routine and keep at it.
Build on the burn. Build on your strength.
Take each day as it comes.
Never do we quit, we keep going.
Together, we work. One set, sequence or exercise at a time.
Now’s the time to set your tone, let’s ramp things up.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Don’t under-estimate the power of adequate rest within your training schedule.
Critical for our muscles to repair, to rebuild, and strengthen.
When your body adapts to a certain physical condition, it requires additional stress and training load to build progress.
Know your limits crew, and avoid a plateau and potential injury.
A chance to rest and recover will allow you to push yourself harder, go further during your next class.
Listen to what your body needs, take a rest day, or include a low intensity exercise option with active recovery.
You run your own race, legends. You know what your body needs.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Face the day head-on.
Let’s make a real change, turn it up.
Listen to your body, fuel the fire.
With change comes strength.
Each day we get stronger.
Re-energised by the fight.
We keep going, legends in our own right.
Find your space, commit and survive.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are wide-spread.
Helping to improve the many risk factors for heart disease, it lowers blood pressure, and with a stronger heart, more blood flow can be pumped to your muscles.
Cardio efforts are fundamental in building your fitness.
Our cardio-based classes are HIGH intensity sessions, so you can expect all of your major muscle groups to be taxed.
Your blood will be pumping.

How are you getting your next cardio hit?
💥 Q.H.A
💥 Strength & Conditioning
💥 P.A.S.S

With no rinse and repeat, no class is the same for a guaranteed 💯 effort to build on your fitness.
Jump onto the Adrenaline App for our weekly timetable.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Start strong, build and grow.
Feel the burn, let the heat in.
There’s a new dawn to take in. To start over.
Protect what is yours, claim your space.
We come together as one, crew.
Show up and show your support.
Together we stand tall, we are Adrenaline.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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A session to fuel your mind and body.
Our PASS class is guaranteed high energy, and high intensity.
A session programmed to get you running, build on your strength, think circuit efforts and MAX movement.
To feel your muscles working throughout each station.
With NO PARTNER NEEDED, push yourself each and every effort, crew.
You’ll find PASS on the timetable both Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, jump onto the Adrenaline App to book your spot.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Let’s turn it up a notch and get training.
Stay focused on the long game. Show-up.
Daily. Weekly. It’s your commitment to make.
Hold nothing back, make the effort.
Find your own drive.
It takes grit. It takes discipline every single day.
Commitment delivers results, legends.
Face the heat, trust in the process.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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Each of our Boxing classes provides a new challenge, with volume and intensity unmatched.
They demand MAX effort.
We set the foundations and build the fundamentals of boxing, across our timetable.

💥 Boxing
💥 Box
💥 Boxing & Conditioning
💥 Heavy Bag

Don’t underestimate the physical and mental challenge throughout each of these sessions.
Build strength, power and technique.
The foundations of our boxing program enable progress throughout the gym. Let’s lay the foundations.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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A 1:1 session allows you to focus and target.
Build on your fitness.
Take your training further. Master your technique.
Up the intensity with PT @ Adrenaline.
All the benefits of our Group Training sessions, but 100% programmed to your needs and goals.
Looking for an edge in your programming? PT sessions are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions, booked via our website.
Book a FREE consultation with one of our Trainers.
#weareadrenaline #adrenalinebuilt

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