Personal Boxing Training

Learn the sweet science with complete one on one attention, these sessions are tailored to your own need’s. All sessions can be dialed up or down depending on an individuals fitness or boxing IQ, it’s no secret we love boxing and we know the physical + mental benefits for any individual looking for something different. Expect these sessions to include: Foundational Movement (Foot-work), Shadow-Boxing, Pad-work, Bag-work.

  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Boxing Australia (NSW) Certified Coach

  • Boxing NSW Registered Gymnasium

  • Personal Boxing Training

On-line Booking Portal

Below is the booking portal and a brief over-view of services offered, please note if you have a specific time-frame in mind and it is coming up as unavailable drop us an email requesting availability. Details of all sessions available below and the portal for booking is below for your convenience.

If for some reason you are wanting a slot not available please contact Kade on 0414 895 053 to check availability.

Personal Training OR Boxing 1 on 1 Portal

Personal Boxing 1 on 1

$3530 Minutes

Personal Boxing 1 on 1

$5045 Minutes

Personal Boxing 1 on 1

$6060 Minutes